Minnan culture has a long history and rich “content” such as various social customs, human culture, art, words and languages, temple culture, religious beliefs, and gourmet food. Thus, Minnan culture is something to be cherished.

The 2019 Taoyuan Minnan Festival, held between 8 Jun. and 8 Jul., 2019, presents a series of events and activities to introduce the public to dintao and temple culture. The activities including a stort-float parade (8 Jun.), a show called Cat in the Chinese Zodiac?! (8 Jun. - 9 Jun.), a master chef competition (15 Jun.), a Minnan tap-tshuì-kóo speech contest (16 Jun.), a Minnan folk and creative dance competition (22 Jun.), a Minnan nostalgic music concert (23 Jun.), a modern Minnan musical (29 Jun. - 30 Jun.), a performance called The Battle of Din Tao (6 Jul. - 7 Jul.), and the Half-year Festival (8 Jul.).

The Minnan Festival boasts lively performances and joins local units together to promote Minnan culture, enrich traditional customs, popularize the Minnan language, and offer Minnan cuisine to the public. In addition, the festival invites international teams to come to Taiwan for urban exchanges to enable Taoyuan Minnan culture to be transmitted to future generations.


Supervisor:Taoyuan City Council

Presenter:Taoyuan City Government
Organizer:Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan City Government